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About Nepal

Nestling between the fertile plains of Northern India and the cold deserts of Tibet, lies fascinating Nepal.

A land of ancient history and culture, warmth and hospitality. The meeting point of the Tibeto-Burmese people of Asia and the Ino - Aryans of the sub-continent.
The home of Buddhism, and the only Hindu kingdom in the world today. And towering beyond the hills is another kind of kingdom. The 'abode of snow', or the Himalayas.

Nepal also has amazing wildlife, seen up close on safari at places like Royal Chitwan National Park, where you can travel by elephant to see wild rhinoceros and tigers in their habitat. Nepalese art and architecture is captivating, attracting visitors to places like the medieval town of Bhakhtapur, with its intricately carved wooden houses, or to the dramatic Baudhanath Temple, with its massive white dome and thousands of brightly coloured prayer flags fluttering in the breeze as saffron robed monks chant within. Nepal has 7 Unesco World Heritage Sites and 8 of the world's tallest mountains including the famed Mount Everest. You can get a bird's eye view by taking the spectacular morning mountain flight over the Himalayas from the capital Kathmandu.